Family Therapy

Family Therapy at the Body & Mind Therapy Centre, Mossley, TamesideAll families face challenges and each family will have its own particular and successful way of getting through these challenges. Sometimes though, difficulties can be overwhelming, they can be complex, they can persist over a long time and can seem irresolvable. Frustratingly, it can also feel that the harder you work to sort things out, the more entrenched problems can become. Family relationships can suffer and can have a detrimental effect on family members’ psychological health and well-being. At times like this, Family Therapy can be useful to re-establish your family’s ability to deal with problems and rebuild relationships.

What is Family Therapy?

Family Therapy helps people in close relationships to help each other to improve their life situation for everyone’s benefit.  It is conducted so that each person is able to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to understand each other’s experiences and views and to appreciate each other’s needs. The aim is to build on family strengths and wisdom and to make useful changes in family relationships.

Family Therapy is not about taking sides or apportioning blame but to ensure that each person is able to hear and understand other family members’ perspectives and each family member exploring and contributing to ways forward. Regardless of the origin of the problems, involving families in solutions is often beneficial.

Family Therapists recognise that ‘family’ means different things to each of us-we all have a different experience within our own family of origin, within our culture and different views and ideas about how we wish to live our ‘family life’. Simply, ‘family’ can be any group of people who care about each other and who recognise their importance to each other. These are the people who might wish to consider coming together for Family Therapy.

When Can Family Therapy Be Helpful?

Research shows that Family Therapy is useful for children, young people and adults experiencing
• Relationship problems and family conflict .
• Family communication problems
• Child & adolescent behaviour difficulties
• Mental health problems
• Couple relationship difficulties
• Illness & disability within the family
• Separation, divorce and step-family life
• Anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders
• Fostering, adoption, kinship care and the needs of ‘looked after’ children
• Domestic violence
• Self-harm
• Drug & alcohol misuse
• The effects of trauma
• Difficulties relating to ageing

How Many Sessions Will We Need?

Each Family Therapy Appointment is for 1 hour. The number of sessions and the intervals between these sessions will be made in consultation with each family.

Free Initial Phone Call

I would be very happy to talk with you if you would like to discuss whether family therapy could be helpful for you. To arrange for a free, initial and confidential phone call with me, Jeannette Thompson, simply call reception on 01457 839837.

Further information about Family Therapy can be found on the website for the Association for Family Therapy & Systemic Practice  :