Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy for muscular pain
Sports Therapy for muscular pain

A Sports Therapy session will involve a detailed consultation, including diagnosic techniques to identify specific areas requiring treatment. Massage and other techniques are used to address the areas identified during the consultation and then exercises and rehabilitation advice is given on home care.

Sports therapy is a manual treatment which aims to treat and rehabilitate injuries by easing pain and allowing the rehabilitation of injuries caused by sport, poor posture, joint and muscular complaints.

Sports therapy does not only involve the treatment of ‘injured athletes’ but also deals with members of the public with lifestyle or posture related injuries, such as back and shoulder pain, repetitive strain injuries and mobility problems.

Treatments used in sports therapy:

Postural assessments are used to identify postural imbalances and review whether they may be responsible for causing various musculoskeletal problems e.g. low back pain. Various techniques are used including stretching, postural realignment, manual therapy and rehabilitative exercise to improve the client posture. Myofascial release is also used to release any restrictions within the connective tissue, which is often a cause of muscular problems and postural imbalances.  These postural improvements can provide a sense of well being and may assist in sporting performance.

Injuries treatment and rehabilitation. Once the problem has been identified we will use a range of manual therapy techniques, ultra sound, stretching and rehabilitative exercise to treat the problem. Rehabilitative exercise is vital for post injury rehabilitation, to improve performance and ensure a swift return to your active lifestyle or sporting activity.

Sports massage is used to assist in keeping muscles supple and toned. Furthermore it helps in maintaining flexibility and helps in improving sporting performance.

Remedial massage is used to help treat muscular problems and can be used to reduce pain, assist in joint mobilization and reduce the build up of scar tissue within muscle. Muscular pain can be reduced, whether it is caused by an accident, injury or simply long term build up of tension from working at a desk or spending long periods in the car.  Muscles can become damaged or impaired in many ways and muscular imbalances to one area of the body can often create referred pain in different locations as other muscle groups compensate for the injury. Massage is an effective system of encouraging optimum symmetry